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Featured Story: Shipping Wars’ Marc Springer saves his truck with a HERD

Gary Cox of Tryslyn Transportation Inc. tells us what his HERD saved him after a deer hit.

Gabe's Coronado was only 41 days old when it collided with a full grown moose. Click to listen and find out more!

Stan M. with a HERD Texas bumper on his Peterbilt truck.

Ryan D.


"Best investment for my truck guys. Thanks for a wicked bumper. Tagged a 1200lbs elk at highway speeds and she held out good. Saved me thousands in repairs and downtime"

Matt K.


"I've already hit 2 deer inside 20,000 miles... definitely an outstanding product."

Alvin F.


"Here's a few photos of our trucks. Love the product, keep up the good work!"

Calvin has been an owner-operator for 32 years and protects all of his trucks with HERD guards. Shown here on a 2010 Kenworth T-660 a HERD Aero 2 post with vertical tubes.

Marty talks about why HERD is the best thing he's ever put on his truck!

Rakowski Cartage & Wrecking

Bob Molter, Manager of Rakowski Cartage & Wrecking explains the reasons why protecting his fleet with HERD bumpers makes sense for them.

Shawn C.


"All of our trucks are nothing but HERD Bumpers." - Shawn C. from Sweet Rides Logistics

Dan B. from Light Junkie LED


"Here is my HERD. I absolutely love it and it has already saved my truck from a deer."

Clayton M.


"Thank you for such a great product. I rolled this truck loaded with water and your bumper saved my hood and all the coolers under it. And, it still opens no problem!"

Terry L. from Boomerang Enterprises based out of Brandon, MB on the performance of his HERD - Super Road Train on his Kenworth T-800.

HERD Super Road Train and a Moose hit - Testimonial in French

Chris Winkler of Winkler trucking tallies up the things his HERD Defender has stood against.

Cole C.


"I won't have another truck without a HERD."

Christopher R.


"Your bumpers will not only protect you from insanely big animals but also your typical truck driver at your local truck stop. No one was hurt; the hood and some other stuff, but would have been much worse had the HERD not been on the truck."

Rick P.


"Just a pic of my HERD I bought this past spring. Love it and it looks great on my new Silverado 2500."

Winner at the 2012 Fergus Truck Show tells us why he won't make a trip without a HERD bumper ever again.

Paul Geiger describes the benefits of protecting his fleet with HERD. Darcol International won't run without them.

HERD testimonial in French

Remington H.


"2019 389. I'm the first one in the fleet I work for to get one. Have not had to use the protection it provides yet but running the Texas highway's; it is sure nice to have peace of mind for when the need arises. 10,000 miles (so far) of varying roads and terrain and it is still just as tight and strong as day one."

Transport Platinum Cargo


"I'm very happy to have chosen HERD bumpers."

G. Whisman


"Loving the HERD bumper!"

Darren tells us how his HERD saved him $15,000.

Ray had a Semi-Trailer back into the front of his truck. HERD saved him a month's downtime!

Marc Springer


"Love to own it!!"

Floyd A.


"One of our customers was getting drug through the mud with his W900 to get into a jobsite to get wood out. They were using a large grapple skidder, and towing with the front tow pin on the HERD. Going up an incline, the skidder operator stalled the engine and rolled backwards into the helpless W900. The grapple hit the top tube of the HERD and only made a small dent. The owner of the truck figured without the HERD, the impact would have taken out the hood, ac condenser, radiator, charge air cooler and grill. Not to mention having to get the stranded truck out of the woods and towed in for repairs. He was another Ali-Arc customer converted to HERD."



"Thank you for making these awesome bumpers."

B. Borrowman at Giltner Inc.

No Photo

"HERD Grill Guards have saved us about $30,000 in the last week alone in four different accidents."

Lucas R.

No Photo

"I was driving late night loads at 11:20pm on September 12th I struck a 1500lb cow that was in the middle of the road, scared me to death! After seeing the damage my mind was completely made up. Never again will i have a truck that does not have a HERD bumper. My bumper will be replaced soon with another but after 7 deer and one BIG cow, I am extremely happy with your bumpers!"

Kenneth O.

No Photo

"I was travelling southbound on highway 63 in Alberta just after midnight when a full grown female moose appeared in front of me after the glare of an oncoming truck's headlights went by me. I caught her from behind at 105kph. This was my first moose strike and expected the worst. Other than the HERD upper being bent slightly, the rest of the damage was minimal and cosmetic only and best of all, I was able to drive away on my own. If not for the HERD bumper, my truck would have been towed from the scene and had weeks of downtime getting repaired. That bumper was the best money I ever spent."

Geoff L.


"I am an owner-operator in Canada. I run 2x a week to Pickle Lake in northern Ontario. In years past I have hit two moose resulting in total damages of $45,000. I purchased a HERD Defender 4-post for my 2007 Freightliner Columbia last fall. I recently hit a young bull moose near Savant Lake, Ontario. It was a 50mph impact hitting the moose with the left corner of the HERD bumper. The truck sustained NO DAMAGE and the HERD bumper did not bend or crack - NO DAMAGE! I will never own another truck without a HERD bumper on its nose. Thank you more than I can say!"

John L.


"Not even two weeks on my truck and over 1.5 million miles prior I took an elk from shoulder to hip. Not a scratch on my truck but sorry to say, the elk didn't make it."

Kevin S.


"Kevin installed a HERD on his new W900 tractor he took delivery of in August 2005. He ran Ali-Arc before, and after seeing the build and finish of the HERD, decided to upgrade. He has hit 3 white-tailed deer, a stump, and a rock. The most recent impact was a mid-sized Nissan SUV losing control on the slippery roads in northern Wisconsin, crossing the center line, and impacting the HERD on the driver side front. The driver side frame horn on the W900 was broken. Not a scratch on the truck. The HERD bumper and center section bent, but the truck finished out the day of hauling logs, and was driven to the dealership. The Nissan didn't fare so well. All occupants did walk away. The customer is happy to have minimal downtime, as the wood market is at its busiest right before spring break-up. He stated this morning without his HERD, he knows the damage would have been much worse on the W900, and would have been down for weeks."

Jeremy T.

No Photo

"You guys certainly make a good bull guard. 65mph with a deer and not a scratch!"

Scott H.


"I would just like to extend my thanks to you and your staff. The HERD SRT (Super Road Train) that I have on the front of my Peterbilt just saved me about $30,000 in repairs. I have an SRT on both of my Peterbilt's and I will never leave home without a HERD ever again!"