Truck Guards

Super Road Train Truck Guard for Peterbilt 387 99-14

Estimated Lead Time
Make to Order – Shipping within 6-8 weeks
For orders over 10 units, please confirm lead time with customer service at [email protected] or call 1-888-543-4373

Product Weight
446 lbs
Shipped Weight
586 lbs
Total USD
Truck Guards

Super Road Train Truck Guard for Peterbilt 387 99-14


  • 18″ Extruded Aluminum Bumper
  • 4″ Tubes (horizontal configuration)
  • Fully Boxed-in Uprights
  • Impact Plates (a HERD exclusive feature)
  • HERD Mirror Polish Finish
Customization Options

Multiple options to choose from, allows you to customize your HERD product the way you want it.

Latching Mechanism Options
Eyebolts - Standard
Slam Latch
Lift Assist Option
Lift Assist
Direction of Centre Tubes
Horizontal Tubes - Standard
Lighting Options
No Signal Lights - Standard
6" Oval Clear Lights (2)
6" Oval Clear Stacked Lights (4)
6" Oval Clear 45 Degree Lights (2)
6" Oval Clear Stacked 45 Degree Lights (4)
Surface Mount Clear Lights (2)
Additional Lighting Options
Row of 2" Round Lights
Light Mounting Options
2 Welded on Light Tabs - Standard
No Light Tabs
4 Welded on Light Tabs
Lower Rake Options
Rake with Balusters - Standard
No Rake
Finish of Bumper
Mirror Polish - Standard

Product Info

You have a lot riding on the reliability of your truck, and an unexpected collision could mean time spent in the garage instead of on the road. The Super Road Train is one of the largest and strongest guards on the market today, protecting you from accidental impact with deer, moose, or any other obstacles you might encounter. It’s equipped for axles that are set forward or set back and is specifically designed to not loosen or rattle over time. Also available with 3” horizontal tubes on the smaller Road Train model, allowing you to stay on the road all for a fraction of what repairs from a wildlife collision would cost.