Trailblazing Protection: HERD Leads the Way With Signature Truck Guards for the Peterbilt 589

Safeguard the truck that the transportation industry can’t stop talking about…


Last year, Peterbilt announced its plans for the Model 589, a reimagined replacement for the legendary Model 389. Because the Model 389 has dominated highways for nearly two decades, news of the release sparked significant interest among drivers and fleet managers everywhere.

Among the most frequent questions was how quickly additional accessories and safety features would be made to fit the new model. Our team at HERD took the challenge seriously and quickly got to work preparing several legacy model Truck Guards tailored to fit the Model 589 before it was even released.



A Legacy of Excellence

For over 85 years, Peterbilt has been an innovating staple in the transportation industry, earning a reputation built on quality and durability. Known for its reliability and recognizable look, Peterbilt has become one of the transportation industry’s most recognizable brands, used by drivers all over the world.

The new Model 589 combines signature Peterbilt characteristics with a host of upgrades, including a bigger cab to enhance driver comfort. Despite the advanced features, the Model 589 maintains the signature look that helped define the classic series, including 15-inch external air cleaner cans, 7-inch exhaust stacks, and a huck-bolted aluminum hood. This model also introduces cutting-edge technology and safety features, aligning with modern demands while staying true to the Peterbilt tradition of ruggedness and reliability. With the Model 589, Peterbilt continues to push the boundaries, offering a sophisticated vehicle that sets new benchmarks in the industry.



Ahead of the Curve

The spirit of mixing tradition and innovation is nothing new for HERD. So when news of the Model 589 broke, our team of engineers set out to ensure that several of our legacy Truck Guards would be ready to go as soon as it hit the road. Through an intense series of meticulous calculations, design, and production, we met the challenge and are offering a line of Truck Guards made for the exact specifications of the Model 589. 

HERD’s expert engineers have not only been busy designing Truck Guards to fit the Model 589 but have reimagined our production process to make them both lighter and stronger than their predecessors. This means redesigned and improved versions of the Texas, Big Tex, Road Train and Super Road Train are all ready to hit the road on the Model 589 right now. Plus, all four models now come standard with a redesigned Slam Latch that is made to last with little to no maintenance. And they’re all equipped with HERD’s iron-clad 3-year warranty for peace of mind that extends beyond your time on the road.



Elevating Standards

In the transportation industry, innovation and progress are constant. The new Model 589 is just the most recent example of how things are continuously evolving. As truck companies continue to push the limits and build out new models, HERD anticipates where they’re going, outfitting the latest models on the road with innovative products that help drivers optimize their performance. 

At HERD, it’s never been our style to sit back and see how things shake out. We anticipate innovation, ensuring that when popular new models like the Model 589 come out, there is a variety of Truck Guards waiting for them. 


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