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Chain hanger rack


Versatility | Longevity | Style

Recently introduced to the market, HERD’s Cab Guards may be late to the game, but they also definitely change the game. We innovated on virtually all aspects of existing functionality and style.

product details


Standard features


  • HARD Coat™
  • Locking Chain Covers
  • Chain Trays
  • Bungee Anchor Points
  • Rear Dunnage Trays
  • Exclusive One Piece Aerofoil™ Rim
  • U-Bolt Mounting Kit
Optional Features


  • Beacon Light Tower
  • Grab handle
  • Center Deck Pan
  • Hose Management Bar
  • Dual Post Light Tower
  • Aero/Electric Hose Mounting Plate
  • Back Window Cutout
Average Weight


160 lbs




Product Highlights

HARD Coat™

HERD’s permanent bond coating alternative. It will resist chemicals, prevent corrosion, will not crack or peel, and looks awesome.

Locking chain covers

Durable covers that provide a secure and organized place for your chains to be stored.

Aerofoil™ Rim

HERD’s custom aerodynamic tubing, is designed to be the best balance of strength, aesthetics, and aerodynamics, giving you a guard with maximum strength and lower weight.

Chain trays

Sturdy trays that complement the Locking Chain Covers by providing storage for the ends of your chains.


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