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Lightweight | Aerodynamic | Strength

The world’s most advanced impact protection, designed specifically for today’s high-tech transport trucks. The Aero punches way above its weight with more protective power than would be expected.

Product Details


Standard Features


  • Aero Tubes
  • Aero Posts
  • Slam Latch™
  • Lift Assist
  • Polished Finish
  • Air Dam
  • CAS Compatiability
  • Impact Plates


Optional Features


  • BOLT™
  • RadArmor™
  • OEM Light Cutout Covers


Average weight


385 lbs




Product Highlights

Lift Assist™

Lift Assist™ is the first and only torsion spring mechanism widely used in Truck Guards, reducing the lift weight to as little as 13 lbs.  That is about the same as a dozen of your favourite bottled beer.

Slam Latch™

Slam Latch™ is the most durable, hassle free, easy to open,  slam to close convenience latching system available today. Quick access to your engine saves you time everyday.

Air Dam™

Air Dam™ was designed as part of our new Aero series.  Our computational fluid dynamics research, clearly indicated the importance of ensuring air is deflected under your truck’s front axle for increased aerodynamics.

Aero Posts™

Aero Posts™ available only on Aero Series, are fully enclosed uprights similar to Box Posts but incorporate a subtle front to back taper in keeping with the aerodynamic styling. 

Aero Tubes

Aero Tubes are exclusive to our new Aero series. In addition to their complimentary look, they are designed to reduce drag, improving the vehicle’s stability and increasing fuel efficiency.


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