Truck Guards

Big Tex Truck Guard for Mack Pinnacle CHN/CHU 05-16 4 Post

Estimated Lead Time
Make to Order – Shipping within 6-8 weeks
For orders over 10 units, please confirm lead time with customer service at [email protected] or call 1-888-543-4373

Product Weight
425 lbs
Shipped Weight
510 lbs
Total USD
Truck Guards

Big Tex Truck Guard for Mack Pinnacle CHN/CHU 05-16 4 Post


  • 18″ Formed Aluminum Bumper
  • Slam Latch™
  • 4″ Tubes (horizontal configuration)
  • Box Posts™
  • Impact Plates™ (a HERD exclusive feature)
  • CAS Compatible – for truck models that offer CAS. *Please note that not all compatibility has been confirmed
  • HERD Mirror Polish Finish
Customization Options

Multiple options to choose from, allows you to customize your HERD product the way you want it.

Latching Mechanism Options
Select 1 to 2 options
Slam Latch - Standard
Eyebolts - Optional
Lift Assist Option
Lift Assist
Direction of Centre Tubes
Horizontal Tubes - Standard
Vertical Tubes
Lighting Options
No Signal Lights - Standard
6" Oval Clear Lights (2)
6" Oval Clear Stacked Lights (4)
6" Oval Clear 45 Degree Lights (2)
6" Oval Clear Stacked 45 Degree Lights (4)
Surface Mount Clear Lights (2)
Additional Lighting Options
Row of 2" Round Lights
Radar Cutout & Bracket
Radar Cutout and Bracket
No Radar Cutout and Bracket
Finish of Bumper
Mirror Polish - Standard
Lower Rake
No Rake

Product Info

In the transportation industry, a stock truck cannot meet the unpredictable nature of the road. HERD’s Big Tex truck guard features the largest bumper extrusion on the market and is the perfect way to elevate your truck’s performance and look. Designed specifically for trucks with a set-forward axle, it has a truck guard channel that measures over 18” tall and is built with a closed-in shape for a more comprehensive defense against head-on or off-center collisions. The smaller Texas model reduces tube size to 3”, for a lighter carry with the same signature Texan style.