HERD Leads the Pack With Exclusive Truck Guards for All-New Peterbilt 589

Drivers don’t have to wait to customize the newest truck on the road…


Early last year, Peterbilt broke news about the all-new Model 589, a replacement for the legendary Model 389, which had become a mainstay on highways for the past 17 years. When a brand like Peterbilt announces a new model, people tend to listen, and the introduction of the Model 589 has caused quite a stir within the transportation industry. 

But with new truck models comes the uncertainty of customization and safety features. Luckily, HERD is ahead of the curve and is already prepared with several legacy model Truck Guards customized to fit the Model 589 before it even comes out.

Pioneers of the Road

Peterbilt trucks have carved a distinguished legacy in the world of heavy-duty transportation, synonymous with quality, durability, and innovation. Since 1939, Peterbilt has been a pioneering force in the trucking industry, consistently setting a bar high for excellence and earning a dedicated following among drivers. Known for their rugged reliability and exceptional craftsmanship, Peterbilt trucks have become a symbol of North American trucking, serving a wide range of vocational and on-highway applications.

The Model 589 blends modern features with the traditional elements that Peterbilt has been known for. While featuring a bigger cab and advanced features, the Model 589 retains the core elements that helped define the classic series, including 15-inch external air cleaner cans, the huck-bolted aluminum hood, and 7-inch exhaust stacks. This blend of heritage and innovation positions the Model 589 as a fitting heir to a lineage that has been at the heart of Peterbilt’s success.


Durability Meets Innovation

HERD shares a similar vision of blending the rich tradition of the trucking industry with forward-thinking breakthroughs. So when the news of the Model 589 came out, HERD’s engineers got to work to ensure that several of their legacy Truck Guards would not only be ready to go when the Model 589 was released but that they would seamlessly fit the exact specifications of the new model. Our team has meticulously researched and designed each guard to complement the Model 589’s unique features and look while also enhancing its safety and functionality. 

HERD has several Truck Guard options for drivers interested in the new Peterbilt 589. The Texas and Big Tex have recently undergone a cutting-edge manufacturing process that makes them lighter and stronger than their predecessors and now comes standard with a reimagined Slam Latch that has been redesigned to last with little to no maintenance. In addition to the Texas and Big Tex, HERD has also made the Road Train and Super Road Train available for the Model 589. Known for their rugged durability and imposing look, HERD’s Road Train and Super Road Train are highly customizable and have been a popular choice among drivers looking for first-class protection mixed with a timeless style. Plus, all four models come equipped with HERD’s guaranteed 3-year warranty, allowing drivers to travel with an even greater peace of mind.


Redefining Excellence

In this industry, progress never idles, and Peterbilt’s Model 589 is just the latest example of the dynamic and ever-evolving commitment to moving forward and pushing the limits. As manufacturers continue to evolve, HERD stands as a crucial partner with a shared vision of innovation to outfit the latest models on the road with state-of-the-art products that help drivers get the most out of their trucks.

HERD doesn’t just respond to the industry’s growth, we anticipate it, ensuring that popular new models like Peterbilt’s Model 589 are equipped with Truck Guards that enhance the cutting-edge features of legacy manufacturers like Peterbilt. HERD is about more than adaptation, we’re committed to being proactive and embodying a forward-thinking mindset that aligns with the relentless pace of the trucking industry. The fast response time to the Model 589 shows how HERD continues to set the standard for innovation and excellence on the road.