A Cutting-Edge Approach: HERD Takes the Lead With Laser Welding Technology

The innovative breakthrough that is driving the industry forward.


Any manufacturer that has achieved sustained success will eventually find itself at a difficult crossroads. Do you continue to do things in the same way that has contributed to your success, or do you embrace new opportunities for technology and innovation? Sticking with the familiar, tried-and-true processes can be alluring. After all, they’re the reason you got where you are and provide a sense of security and reliability. But keeping the status quo risks missing out on important steps forward and the opportunity to lead the industry from the front.


Staying stagnant has never been HERD’s style

HERD recently announced the addition of laser welding to its Winnipeg production facility. The strategic decision reaffirms HERD’s ongoing mission to provide state-of-the-art solutions and further solidifies its reputation as a trailblazer in the transportation industry, ensuring that customers benefit from the latest innovations and unparalleled quality in products.


Igniting Possibilities



The LightWELD XR by IPG is up to four times faster than traditional tungsten inert gas welding, works on a wide range of materials, and offers high-quality, consistent results. By using a laser to fuse the materials, the handheld welder penetrates deeper than metal inert gas welding, creating stronger weld joints and, ultimately, more streamlined products. Plus, its intuitive design and optimized presets make it easy to use, opening up new opportunities for HERD staff without previous experience or training in welding.


Precision Meets Performance

HERD has already witnessed the benefits of laser welding, reducing up to 80% of the welding wire consumables that were previously used. The process has also worked to remove upright grinding, allowing products to be finished with a quick sanding process, accelerating the upstream production process by up to 55%.



While the plan is to eventually implement laser welding into all of HERD’s products, the initial focus has been on the Truck Guard line, where welding times for the signature Aero guard have decreased from around 60 minutes to as little as 40 minutes.


Sparking Change

“HERD’s leap into laser welding technology is a transformative moment for our company and represents our longstanding commitment to excellence and innovation,” said Jayson Bollenbach, Production Manager at HERD. “Our team is excited to harness the power of this cutting-edge technology and look forward to delivering even more exceptional products to our valued customers.”

The laser welder has already made waves locally, as HERD has fielded calls from local vendors interested in becoming suppliers and multiple Winnipeg-based companies requesting information prior to purchasing their own. The excitement and attention surrounding the groundbreaking device are a testament to HERD’s role as a forerunner in the transportation industry and its continued commitment to shaping the future of manufacturing.

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