A Legacy Redefined: The Next Generation of Texas & Big Tex Truck Guards is Here

Discover how these iconic products have been redesigned to be lighter and stronger while maintaining their legendary status in the industry.


In the world of trucking, protecting your investment and ensuring safety on the road is paramount. For years, two staples in HERD’s legacy line, our Texas and Big Tex Truck Guards, have been a symbol of unmatched strength and durability. 

Introducing the redesigned and reinvented Texas and Big Tex Truck Guards. The first release from our next generation of legacy products – lighter yet tougher and equipped with the hassle-free Slam Latch. Our Texas and Big Tex Truck Guards remain the protection of choice for those who won’t settle for anything less than legendary.



The Road So Far

HERD’s Texas and Big Tex Truck Guards have long been synonymous with rugged durability and superior protection. Highly regarded by drivers across North America, its legacy has been built on a foundation of uncompromising quality and a commitment to safeguarding drivers and their cargo. 

Known for its robust build and reliable performance under the harshest conditions, the Texas Truck Guard has not just protected vehicles; it has preserved paychecks and lives. This enduring trust from the trucking community has been the driving force behind our continued innovation, inspiring us to redefine what a truck guard can be.


Why Change Something Already Great?

Like the drivers and fleet managers who make our industry great, HERD knows that standing still is not an option. Our customers have placed immense trust in our Texas Truck Guard and Big Tex over the years. Their durability, design, and reliability have made them favorites among many. So, why change them?

The answer is simple: progress. Our commitment to continuous improvement drives us. The transportation landscape is rapidly evolving, with trucks facing constant challenges, terrains, and demands daily, and adapting to these challenges isn’t just essential—it’s paramount.

Our decision to streamline our manufacturing and bring it 100% in-house reflects how committed we are to having more control of making great products that protect your vehicle and bottom line. With complete oversight over our materials and production, our team can ensure that every Texas Truck Guard and Big Tex unit meets our rigorous quality standards down to the smallest detail. This in-house transition has unlocked the potential to make our legacy products even more robust.

Remember, it’s not about changing the essence of what made these products great; it’s about refining them for the future. It’s about ensuring that the Texas Truck Guard and Big Tex not only continue to serve their foundational purpose but do so in a way that aligns with the dynamic needs of modern trucking.


Steering Towards Innovation

Manufacturing is the heartbeat of every product. Its processes, intricacies, and execution can make or break the quality of the end result. 

We’ve taken a decisive step towards excellence. Our shift towards a more integrated manufacturing approach was not merely a change in logistics; it was a leap toward perfection. This move underscores our commitment to offering the best to our loyal customer base. 

Each unit produced will mirror the high standards we set, ensuring that every guard remains synonymous with the HERD promise. By eliminating the constraints caused by waiting for materials, we’ve unlocked the ability to quickly adapt and implement changes that enhance the durability and efficiency of our products on new and revisioned legacy models.

Our manufacturing revolution isn’t just about producing truck guards; it’s about crafting legacies that last, ensuring the Texas Truck Guard and Big Tex are built to last while reflecting the latest safety, design, and technological advancements. Though the intricate details vary depending on specific truck models and configurations, the revamped design philosophy remains consistent – building a guard that is both lighter and stronger.

While we’re unable to pinpoint exact weight savings due to the myriad of truck specifications and additional add-ons, the message is clear: the new design brings a distinct advantage in weight while simultaneously improving the overall strength of the guard. This isn’t just about reducing weight; it’s about optimizing it. A lighter guard can contribute to fuel efficiency, easier handling, and less strain on your vehicle, which, over time, can translate to substantial cost savings and less wear and tear on your truck.

But what’s more impressive is that while achieving this lightness, there’s no compromise on the strength and durability that HERD is known for. By utilizing cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, premium materials, and rigorous testing, we ensure that these Truck Guards can withstand the challenges of the road.

When we mention ‘stronger,’ we’re talking about enhanced resilience against impacts, better protection for your truck, and an overall increase in the lifespan of the guard. It’s this perfect equilibrium of lightness and strength that makes the new era of Texas Truck Guard and Big Tex truly stand out. We’re not just making claims; we’re living by the HERD standard.


Where Legacy Meets Evolution

There’s a perpetual race to innovate, adapt, and provide the best. HERD, with its legacy of quality and dedication, isn’t just participating in this race; we’re leading it. The revamped Texas Truck Guard, including the standout Big Tex, is a testament to this commitment. 

By bringing manufacturing in-house and emphasizing meticulous quality control, we’ve not only preserved the essence of our legacy products but elevated them. This reinvention, though rooted in our past, is a bold step into the future. As we unveil these improved designs, we invite you to experience the harmony of weight and strength, the fusion of tradition and innovation. Because at HERD, we don’t just follow the best practices; we create them. Embrace the new era of transportation with us, where legacy meets evolution.