Why You Need a HERD Grille Guard: Answers to Your Most Common Questions

Discover the unique benefits and features that make HERD’s Grille Guards a top choice in front-end protection.


Navigating the world of truck accessories isn’t easy. Getting clear and reliable answers from manufacturers can be an uphill battle, met with vague responses or technical jargon that leaves more questions than answers. This lack of clarity not only makes the decision-making process feel impossible but also heightens anxiety for drivers and fleet managers. After all, if you can’t get clear answers about the specifics of new equipment, how can you trust that it’s going to keep you safe out on the road? 

HERD is here to help clear up any potential confusion about our Grille Guards. If our reputation isn’t enough check out the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions…

Are HERD Grille Guards made from reliable materials?

Crafted from top-tier 304 stainless steel, HERD’s Grille Guards are the gold standard of strength and resilience. But it’s not just about function, these Grille Guards bring an element of style with their mirror-like polish, ensuring your truck doesn’t just work hard – it looks good doing it.

And for those who favor a tougher look, HERD steps up with its HARD Coat™ option. Each Grille Guard can be fortified with this cutting-edge polyurea coating, safeguarding against the relentless obstacles of the road: corrosion, scratches, and the inevitable dings and dents. Our engineers understand the necessity of enduring equipment. Opt for a HARD Coat™ Grille Guard, and you’re choosing a companion that’s as steadfast as you, destined to stand the test of time.


What does installation look like?

We know that every second you’re tinkering in the garage is less time that you’re out on the road being profitable. So, we’ve made each Grille Guard easy to install with just one or two people (we recommend two, depending on your Grille Guard weight can range from 87 to 210 pounds on average). Find a close friend who can help out in exchange for a six-pack of beer, and you can get your new Grille Guard installed without much effort. 

We include all the hardware you’ll need, including mounting brackets, to get you set for action. The mounting points and HERD’s patented Grip Latch System make lowering your new guard a breeze; plus it minimizes vibrations and prevents accidental loosening on the road. And because each Grille Guard is specifically designed to fit your truck’s make and model, none of the hardware will interfere with your hood access.

How long will it take for my Grille Guard to get here?

We know it’s commonplace in the industry to order hardware, equipment, and accessories for your truck and then experience endless wait times. But our philosophy at HERD is all about moving forward, not sitting around. That’s why we have increased our production specifically to reduce lead times. 

This means that every one of our Grille Guards is ready to ship within five business days. In order to make the purchasing process even more hassle-free, we’ve priced our guards competitively and equipped them with an industry-leading 5-year warranty on Grip Latches and a 3-year warranty on Grille Guards. We also have freight shipping rates on bulk same-SKU orders to make it even easier for fleet managers to outfit their trucks.


What are you waiting for?

Our accessory specialists are ready to answer any other questions you might have. In the meantime, check out our complete selection of Grille Guards to see what’s available for your rig. With industry-leading warranties, short lead times, and easy installation, there’s never been a better time to buy a HERD Grille Guard!