How HERD Defends More Than Just Your Front-End

Take worry out of the equation with industry-leading support.

When buying a Grille Guard, there are a variety of things to consider. Choosing between sizes, coverage, and finishes, it’s hard to keep track of every option and feature. With this much information spinning around, there can be questions you simply forget to ask. Take, for example, warranties…

When was the last time you thought about a product warranty?

It’s something most people forget to consider when making a purchase. It gets put on the back burner in favor of more exciting things—and then when the time comes when you really need it, it’s too late. And given the state of most warranties in the industry, too late can come too soon.

Your rig is your ride and your livelihood, and if you’re taking the time and effort to protect its most essential components, shouldn’t you ensure that you have coverage for the equipment itself?


It’s A Matter of Safety

Increased protection is what brings most drivers and fleet managers to consider buying a Grille Guard. Protecting your truck with equipment you can rely on so you can stay on the road and remain profitable. And with the odds of hitting a deer at 1 out of every 116 motorists, you don’t want to take any chances.

HERD’s Grille Guards have a proven track record of reducing and preventing damage, but the critical coverage doesn’t end with collisions. HERD has reimagined its warranty to a full 3 years, protecting you against any potential manufacturing defects.


It’s a Matter of Pride

Your truck is more than just a tool for transporting goods, each make and model embodies a sense of style and makes a statement on the road. While safety is often the primary motivation for buying a Grille Guard, it also boosts the overall look of your rig, giving the front end a new level of swagger.

Taking pride in your rig means protecting it for the long haul and making sure it looks good mile after mile. With HERD’s reimagined 3-year warranty, you can be even more confident that if something is off, your investment is protected.


It’s a Matter of Details

The true significance of HERD’s Grille Guards can be found in the details, like the innovative Grip Latch system. The importance of a latching system is often overlooked, but if you’ve experienced one failing, you know how important it is. Dissatisfied with all of the options on the market, HERD set out to create the most innovative and reliable latch on the road today.

HERD’s Grip Latch is an easy-to-use latching system that provides simple access to your truck’s engine and significantly reduces vibrations and rattling while driving. It comes equipped with a secondary system to prevent unexpected openings and is engineered to withstand even the toughest road conditions. HERD is so confident in the design that each Grip Latch is backed by an unprecedented 5-year warranty. This means you can drive with complete peace of mind about the quality and durability of your Grip Latch.


It’s a Matter of the Big Picture

Time is money, and staying on the road is crucial to your success. You need every operational detail of your rig to stay operational because if you’re not moving, you’re losing. That’s why, if something goes wrong with any part of your Grille Guard, HERD is committed to making it right. 

Your truck is your livelihood, and HERD’s livelihood is ensuring you get the most out of your rig. While the rest of the industry might think a one-year warranty is enough, HERD knows you’ll be on the road a lot longer than that. When you find a company whose big picture aligns with yours and includes 3-year and 5-year warranties on Grille Guards and Grip Latches, that’s a win-win.


It’s A Matter of Choice

The Grille Guard industry continues to experience exponential year-over-year growth, and there’s no shortage of cheap imitations out there. For over two decades, HERD has been making the best Grille Guards on the market, helping countless drivers optimize their performance and get the most out of their trucks. When it comes down to it, can you afford to trust anyone else with your safety and protecting your livelihood?

HERD’s Grille Guards ship fast, are easy to install, and are backed by the best warranties in the business. Get in touch today to find the Grille Guard that’s best for you.