The Evolution of Strength: HERD’s Reimagined Texas and Big Tex Truck Guards

Learn how these iconic Truck Guards have been redesigned to be lighter, stronger, and tougher than ever before.


For owners and operators, uptfitting a truck is a series of tough decisions. You know the benefits of adding front-end protection but worry about the consequences of changing your truck’s look and adding extra weight. Whether it’s concern over increased fuel consumption or the impact on operating costs, acknowledging the need for protection with these potential reservations requires careful planning when deciding which Truck Guard is right for you. 

At HERD, we understand the importance of balancing strength and durability with performance and efficiency. This tension is at the heart of our next generation of legacy products, beginning with the redesigned and reinvented Texas and Big Tex Truck Guards. The reimagined Texas and Big Tex are lighter and tougher than their predecessors, plus they come equipped with a hassle-free Slam Latch system. Below, we dive into what makes this next generation of HERD products so unique. 



Our Rearview Mirror

HERD’s Texas and Big Tex have earned an invaluable reputation for their strength, durability, and imposing look. This esteemed standing among owners and operators didn’t happen by chance but is the result of HERD’s commitment to high-quality materials, meticulous design, and advanced engineering. With sturdy construction and dependable performance, even in the most extreme environments, the Texas and Big Tex have done more than shield trucks; they’ve protected livelihoods. 

This consistent track record has distinguished the Texas and Big Tex within the transportation industry, making these guards more than mere accessories. They’re essential investments for drivers and fleet managers who prioritize safety, performance, and durability. But if something ain’t broke, why fix it? 



Evolving Excellence 

Like the owners and operators who use our products, HERD has never been comfortable settling for the status quo. So when the question is asked about why we decided to reinvent our legacy product line, the answer is easy: progress. At HERD, we know the transportation industry is constantly evolving, but one thing that remains consistent is the challenges that drivers face every day on the road. So adapting our designs to make your life on the road easier isn’t just important…it’s crucial. 

By streamlining our manufacturing and adjusting our processes to be 100% in-house, we can exercise more control over the products that keep you on the road. With complete oversight over materials and production, the team at HERD can ensure that every Texas and Big Tex Truck Guard meets our rigorous quality standards and is perfected down to the smallest detail. Our reimagined manufacturing process isn’t about cutting corners or changing what made our legacy products great in the first place. It’s a commitment to continuously improving them for the future. At HERD, we’re committed to ensuring that products like the Texas and Big Tex evolve in all the right ways, evolving alongside the dynamic needs of drivers today. 



The Road to Innovation

HERD’s reimagined legacy products exist as tangible proof of the company’s commitment to excellence. The shift towards a more integrated manufacturing process is more than a shift in logistics; it’s another step towards progress, underscoring HERD’s commitment to offering the best products in the industry. Everything about the transition is proactive. By eliminating the constraints caused by supply chain holdups, HERD is able to more easily adapt and make changes that enhance the durability and efficiency of our products. This strategic move not only ensures a consistent supply of high-quality materials but also fosters innovation by allowing for the rapid incorporation of new technologies and materials into our product lines.

The result: a new, reimagined line of legacy products built to last with the latest safety, design, and technological advancements. For drivers, this means Truck Guards that are lighter and stronger than ever, making life on the road safer and more efficient. Combining lightweight materials with unparalleled strength ensures that these Truck Guards not only enhance fuel efficiency by reducing the overall weight of the vehicle but also offer superior protection against the challenges of the road. This perfect blend of lightness and strength embodies HERD’s commitment to empowering drivers with products that support their safety and efficiency, paving the way for a new era in truck protection.



Legacy, Redefined 

HERD’s reimagined Texas and Big Tex exist as the latest examples of how HERD is driving the transportation industry forward. As a company that has been committed to excellence since day one, this transformation is both anchored in our heritage and marks a daring step towards the future. 

At HERD, we’re not following industry trends; we’re setting them.