Driving Profits: HERD’s Stealth Defender Makes Driving Safe, Profitable, and Easy

Learn how the Stealth Defender enhances safety on the road, curbs unexpected costs, and maximizes profitability.


In trucking, vehicle health isn’t just about smooth rides and shiny exteriors; it’s the linchpin of financial sustainability. Even minor damages can lead to significant downtime, expensive repairs, and reduced return on investment (ROI). Have you had your eye on a truck guard, but the price has been too much to swallow?

HERD’s newest Truck Guard, the Stealth Defender, offers all the protection of our popular Defender Series at a price you can comfortably afford. If you’re still on the fence, here’s the economic breakdown to make the case for the Stealth Defender.


Why Every Minute Counts

For truck drivers and fleet managers, time truly is money. When a truck experiences downtime due to repairs or maintenance, the ripple effect on the bottom line can be significant. But what does downtime truly cost? Let’s break down the cost.


Immediate Loss of Income

  • Truckers and trucking companies face potential penalties for every delivery missed due to downtime, missed future opportunities, not to mention a damaged reputation.
  • A truck that’s off the road is a costly idle asset. Even if the truck isn’t moving, expenses like loan payments, insurance premiums, and license fees still run.
  • A typical trucker can lose an average of $500 to $1,000 daily when their truck is off the road.
  • With 1-3 days being the average downtime for minor accidents, you’re looking at a potential loss of $1,500 in earnings.

Chalk up one point for The Stealth Defender. Built for ultimate protection, The Stealth Defender shields the truck against common on-road disasters and the occasional big game animal mishaps, significantly minimizing the chances of these unwelcome downtimes.


Profit Eaters (AKA Repair Bills)

Your truck is way more than just a vehicle; It’s a mobile money maker. And when it suffers damages, the resulting repair bills don’t merely represent mechanical costs. Disruptions in income flow, potential business losses, and added operational complexities rapidly consume profits.

  • Average repair costs range from $10,000 to $15,000 for most commercial trucks.
  • If components like the radiator or engine get damaged, costs can skyrocket to $30,000 or more.

The Stealth Defender’s robust design, particularly its Impact Plates™, plays a pivotal role in dispersing the force from collisions, drastically reducing body damage, internal damage, and repair expenses.


Protecting Your Truck is a Proactive Investment

Accidents or sudden encounters with large animals crossing the road are daily occurrences for drivers nationwide. While they may be unavoidable, they don’t have to stop your trip short. You can control the narrative with HERD, curbing those unexpected costs before they even appear.

Lower Long-Term Costs: A small investment today can prevent massive repair bills in the future. Compared to the potential costs of major repairs or replacements after an accident, the price of adding a Stealth Defender becomes a mere fraction.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Downtime isn’t just about repair costs. It represents lost opportunities, delayed deliveries, and a potential hit to your reputation. Proactively investing in Truck Guards ensures that your fleet remains on the road, maximizing efficiency and profits.

Trucks equipped with Truck Guards like the Stealth Defender have shown a statistically significant reduction in downtime due to minor road mishaps. A protected vehicle often means a longer vehicle lifespan.

This doesn’t even factor in long-term benefits like maintaining the truck’s resale value and reducing insurance premiums due to enhanced safety features. Can you place a monetary value on peace of mind? For many fleet owners and independent truckers, the assurance of having a top-tier protective system in place is priceless.


HERD’s Stealth Defender: An Example of Proactive Power

Designed with the foresight of potential road challenges, the Stealth Defender is a testament to what proactive investment looks like in the trucking world.

Its unique features, from the 12″ Aluminum Bumper to the Slam Latch™, aren’t just about immediate protection. They’re about ensuring that the truck remains operational and efficient for longer, which means more profits and fewer losses.


Why the Stealth Defender is the Ultimate Choice

Sturdy Protection: Crafted with precision, it’s built to withstand even the harshest of conditions, largest of wild animals, and guard against unexpected impacts and collisions.

Sleek Aesthetic: Boasting one of the strongest finishes in the entire transportation industry, HERD’s glass bead blasted Satin Finish is low-maintenance and easily sprays off clean.

Affordability: The Stealth Defender shatters the misconception that high quality always comes with a hefty price tag.

Fast Shipping: Stocked and ready to roll, your Stealth Defender won’t keep you waiting.

An Unmatched Warranty: With a  3-year warranty, it’s clear that HERD firmly believes in the quality and craftsmanship of our products.


Equipping your truck with a HERD Truck Guard is more than just immediate protection—it’s a strategic proactive investment. This addition shields your vehicle today and bolsters its resale value for tomorrow. Standard trucks might not be prepared for every challenge on the road, but with a HERD Truck Guard, you’re ensuring long-term front-end defense.

Think of all the heavy lifting your truck does for you. It’s time to reciprocate. Secure its future and protect your paycheck with HERD.

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