Review and Comparisons of the OEMs: Peterbilt Vs. Kenworth Vs. Freightliner, etc.

When it comes to the trucking industry, there are a handful of big names that people commonly compare to each other. Take a closer look at some of them before deciding which type of truck you want to drive or which company to work for. Read More

Reasons to Have Front-End Protection on Your Truck

Whether you drive a pickup, a semi, or something in between, it is always a smart idea to install front-end protection on your truck. There is no harm in doing so, and it can potentially save you a great deal of money and frustration in the future. Read More

How to Become an Owner-operator

There is something to be said when ambition can take hold in a passionate person. As it happens, truck drivers who want to take the next step and become an owner-operator can do just that. There are several references available online about what you need to accomplish the task, but you do not have to go through all of them. Here is what we found to help you in your next adventure. Read More

History of a Bumper Guard/Moose Bumper

Your Grille Guard or moose bumper is now an established accessory that many people expect to see on trucks, cop cars, and other types of vehicles. But how did these bars first come into existence? Even if you use your moose bumper in a very different way than drivers decades ago did, it is still interesting to learn some of the history of these protective parts. Read More

Evolution of the Semi-truck: A Look at Semi-trucks

A large diesel truck hauling a huge rectangular storage trailer with several sets of wheels, counting to 18, comes to mind at the mention of a semi-truck. When something so big comes with the name, it is hard not to wonder why the trucks are counted as only half. The “semi” term in semi-truck refers to the trailer portion. This portion is technically only half-sized according to when the vehicle design first originated in France in 1769. This was when Nicolas J. Cugnot developed his experimental artillery tractor. Read More

Best Trucking Companies in North America

When it comes to the best trucking companies in North America, it will somewhat be a matter of opinion. Every trucker wants something slightly different from their job. That being said, some companies tend to have more satisfied employees and customers than others. Those are the ones that made our list. Read More